• Annotation links to higher grading criteria ( see attached sheet ) journal demonstrates creative flair, good or strong organisation and presentation.
  • Strong links to your own personal development are made clear.
  • Further artists brought up as a result of seminars are looked into in depth and links are made between these artists and a wider cultural, social and economic context as well as links between work presented in lectures and seminars through more extensive research .
  • Multiple gallery visits and primary research is shown and annotated.  
  • More than the minimum requirements for the Feb task ( blog, presentation and sketchbook evident in the blog ) have been completed.
  • Clear links between the work of others and developments and experiments in your own practice are shown through practical work and in annotated Blogs. Reflection and personal growth through self – critique and the placing of your own work within contemporary practice, linked to your own discipline is demonstrated through a body of work.
  • Your Blog and journal compliment but do not repeat research or reflection, working in synthesis to demonstrate further careful reflection relevant to the medium used.
  • Finished work may be presented in response to the above engagement.

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